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Embedded Software Engineer

Embedded Software Engineer


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  • Подател:Top Skills Recruitment (Изпрати съобщение)
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Embedded Software Engineer

Top Skills Recruitment is a talent acquisition company cooperating with local and international companies in the search of the finest talents and helping jobseekers find their most suitable workplace.
We create tailored solutions for different levels and phases of recruiting through our diverse quality driven services. We possess the market knowledge, professional responsibility and international mobility which make us a trustworthy associate to our global clients.

For our client an international production company, we are looking for Embedded Software Engineer, who will be part of Software Development Department:

What does an embedded engineer do?
• An embedded systems or software engineer helps design, develop, and maintain embedded systems in products. The role includes software development. An embedded systems engineer understands the entire embedded system. They use this knowledge to integrate the hardware and software in an embedded system.

What is the role of an embedded engineer?
• They focus to design and improve the entire system.
• These developers have more autonomy to build and improve software and systems.
• They analyze complex technical problems, diagnose their root cause, and find solutions.
• They tend to have extreme autonomy and will often be involved in designing embedded systems and embedded software.

Top technical skills required for the position:
• At least a bachelors degree in computer science or software engineering
• Programming experience in C or C++, or both
• Some experience in embedded systems development and troubleshooting with real - time operating systems
• Very good Microcontroller coding skills and understanding of Microcontroller Architecture;
• Hardware understanding (Semiconductors, Semiconductor circuits);
• UI/UX knowledge is a benefit;
• Some debugging experience
• Device drivers
• Design patterns
• Very good written and spoken English.
Important soft skills embedded engineers need:
• An analytical mind
• A passion for technology
• Ability to problem - solve
• Understand how to balance the practical and perfection
• Deductive logic
• Ability to network

What we offer

• An attractive salary
• An option to work & develop yourself in an international team
• Career Development
• Social benefits

If you are interested in this job offer, please send us your CV to cv@
License for recruitment abroad: № 2477 /
License for administration and protection of personal data:№ 432025 /
For more details, please contact us at cv@ 0895 600 734


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